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Unveiling the Splendor of the Dalmatian Coast

Embark on a breathtaking journey along the Dalmatian Coast aboard a majestic 49-meter yacht. This luxury voyage presents an unparalleled opportunity to explore the crystal-clear waters, stunning archipelagos, and historic towns of Croatia.

Your Yacht: A Haven of Sophistication and Comfort

Experience the height of maritime luxury. Your 49-meter yacht combines elegant design with state-of-the-art amenities. Each cabin is crafted for comfort, providing a serene retreat after a day of adventure.

The yacht Lastavica, launched in 2021, offers a range of high-end amenities designed to enhance the cruising experience on Croatia’s Dalmatian Coast. This luxurious 49-meter vessel includes 18 elegantly appointed air-conditioned cabins, each with private en-suite bathrooms and modern comforts such as a safe, a wardrobe, and ample storage space. Some cabins on the upper deck also feature private balconies, providing guests with stunning views and additional privacy.

Public areas on the Lastavica are thoughtfully designed for relaxation and socializing. The ship boasts a stylish sundeck equipped with a jacuzzi, ideal for unwinding under the sun. For those who prefer shaded comfort, the vessel offers covered aft lounges. The onboard dining facilities include an air-conditioned restaurant that serves Mediterranean-inspired cuisine prepared with local ingredients. Additionally, the yacht features a contemporary lounge bar where guests can enjoy a variety of drinks, including American spirits and Croatian wines.

Adding to the convenience, Lastavica provides complimentary Wi-Fi access and includes a water sports platform at the stern, perfect for enjoying activities in the Adriatic Sea. These amenities ensure that every aspect of the journey is enveloped in comfort and style, making a cruise aboard the Lastavica a truly luxurious experience

Navigating Through Natural Beauty

Cruise past enchanting islands dotted along the coast. Each stop offers unique landscapes and tranquil beaches. Dive into the Adriatic Sea’s inviting waters or relax on secluded sandy stretches.

Hvar: Known as the sunniest spot in Croatia, Hvar is the epitome of Mediterranean charm. This glamorous island is famed for its vibrant nightlife, historic architecture, and picturesque lavender fields. As your yacht docks, you’ll have the opportunity to explore the ancient streets of Hvar Town, where Renaissance palaces and the historic Fortica fortress offer panoramic views of the shimmering Adriatic.

Korčula: Often referred to as “Little Dubrovnik,” Korčula is rich in vineyards, olive groves, and quiet villages. The island is reputedly the birthplace of Marco Polo and boasts a walled old town that rivals the beauty of more famous Croatian destinations. Stroll along its herringbone-patterned streets before enjoying a glass of the local Pošip wine as you watch the sunset from your yacht.

Cultural Gems and Historical Echoes

Discover the rich tapestry of history that adorns the coast. Visit ancient fortresses, wander through cobblestone streets, and experience the vibrant local culture. Each town along the Dalmatian Coast tells its own story of centuries past.

Vis: The furthest inhabited island from the Croatian mainland, Vis offers an authentic experience of tranquility and unspoiled natural beauty. Once a Yugoslav naval base, Vis is less crowded and has preserved its old-world charm and ecological integrity. Explore the island’s crystal-clear waters, dive into its rich underwater world, or visit the Blue Cave on the nearby islet of Biševo, where the sea glows an ethereal blue.

Indulge in Local Flavors and Delicacies

Dining aboard the yacht is an experience in itself, with menus featuring local seafood and regional specialties. Pair exquisite dishes with world-class wines for a truly decadent culinary journey.

Croatian cuisine is a delightful fusion of Mediterranean flavors and Slavic traditions, characterized by its diverse use of herbs, olive oil, and fresh seafood. Central to many local dishes is the “peka,” a traditional cooking method where meat and vegetables are slow-cooked under a bell-like dome over embers, imbuing dishes with a uniquely smoky flavor. Desserts are equally tantalizing, with specialties like “rožata,” a custardy delight from Dubrovnik, echoing the region’s love for sweet and subtly flavored treats.

Planning Your Dream Yacht Trip

Crafting your ideal itinerary is effortless with Travel with Direction working closely with expert crew members ready to cater to your every need. The process starts with an easy chat where I listen to YOU! Then I begin building your custom itinerary with your feedback along the way. Whether seeking relaxation or adventure, your voyage on the Dalmatian Coast will be nothing short of spectacular.

Embark on Your Luxury Yacht Adventure

Prepare for an unforgettable exploration of the Dalmatian Coast. This journey offers a perfect blend of luxury, adventure, and cultural immersion, set against the backdrop of one of Europe’s most beautiful coastlines.