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Let Me Introduce You To

The Le Marche is one of the most overlooked regions Italy by many travelers but it offers some of the best scenery, history, food, wine, and activities in Italy. Not to mention the lack of massive crowds. Le me share this special spot in Italy with you on one of my all inclusive trips.

‘Best in Travel’ by Lonely Planet

It looks like the understudy is finally ready to take centre stage. Though the main roles usually go to its superstar neighbour, Tuscany, the Le Marche region of Italy has just as wide a repertoire. It can do higgledy-piggledy hilltop towns, gloriously gluttonous food festivals, resplendent Renaissance palaces, winding countryside and inviting beaches with equal panache, but with the added bonus that its attractions are much less well known. In 2020, the spotlight will shine brightly here as Urbino, Le Marche’s most picturesque city, leads the celebrations to mark the 500th anniversary of the death of the great Renaissance painter – and local boy made good – Raphael. 
– Lonely Planet

Events and Info-sessions

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Villa Pedossa

The Villa is our all inclusive season home base and is surrounded by the marvelous colors of its large fields cultivated with sunflowers, wheat, and by more than 100 olive trees, which are typical to this area. Entering its garden, you immediately notice its huge cherry tree and many other fruit trees from which you are welcome to pick the seasonal fruit during your stay.

The outdoor areas are equipped with tables and chairs, including a marvelous portico leading directly to the beautiful garden.There is also a “bocce” court, a wood burning oven, and a grill for our dinners under the starry sky!


Autonomously controlled air conditioning and heating
All rooms are ensuite with small kitchens
Free Wi-FI
Satellite TV
Swimming pool
Hot tub
Two large gazebos
Luggage racks
Washer and Dryer on site

All Inclusive Itinerary Example

Day 1
Ancona, Italy
Arrive at Falconara Airport

We are eagerly awaiting you with Parking Lot Prosecco to toast the beginning of your adventure (not for the driver, of course.)
We set off for the hills to our villa, where you can settle into your room, freshen up, have a quick swim, and/or a snack from the kitchen. After a brief orientation session, we will head to Senigallia for a walking tour to orient you to the town followed by Aperitivo. That’s the Summer Italian Happy Hour, where you (actually us) pay for the drinks and the food is free!

What? Free Food?  

Yes, we told you Italian life was good!

Day 2
Pasta and Sites
Dante’s love story

We let you rise gracefully to shake off the jet lag, then go into Senigallia for pastries and to shop for a Sunday lunch tradition, Pasta all’Uovo, at a shop Maddi’s family has patronized for many decades. You then get some beach time at the bagni for sand, a swim, and a stroll, then it’s lunch at the villa with the pasta we bought. After some time for a shower or reset, we hit Gradara in the afternoon, the site of Dante’s love story of Paolo and Francesca. We will explore its medieval winding streets, and the castle, then have a fantastic dinner on a picturesque patio.

Day 3
Castles & Shops
Tornando a Casa & Wine

After a leisurely breakfast at the villa, we go to the grocery store. YES, the grocery store! Italian grocers are so fun and well laid out with fresh, delightful products. We will show you how to navigate them including the dreaded produce weighing and bagging.
Then it’s lunch at Tornando a Casa, owned by Maddi’s friend Enzo. Afterward we will return to the Villa and have a break for swimming or relaxing. Or both!
In the afternoon we will go to Mondavio and see its castle museum followed by a wine tasting at Fiorini. Now it’s time for a walking tour of one of the most gorgeous villages in the world, Corinaldo. The views and architecture will take your breath away.
But wait, there’s dinner!
Nestled in an impossibly charming side street overlooking the expanse of Le Marche hills, we will dine on simple, fresh delights, and wash it down with fantastic wine if you choose.
No wine for the driver, of course!

Day 4
Truffles & Cooking
Exploring Art

Today we begin early as we are traveling to Urbino.
This is where we explore Raphael’s home, and the art, architecture, and history of the town. We have a truffle tasting and lunch in the cellar of an ancient building at the premier truffle purveyor in Urbino. Back at the villa you have time to rest, swim, post your pictures of our adventures, or read a bit of a good book.
In the afternoon we head to some amazing wineries around Morro d’Alba, one of the world’s least known, but best regions for wine. After learning all about the growing of grapes, and winemaking, we return to the villa to cook dinner together with the things we bought from the grocery store the morning before. You can help cook, getting an on-the-fly cooking lesson while you do, or just sit back with a beverage or by the pool until dinner is ready.

Day 5
Beaches & Relaxing
Conero Coast

Today we take you to some other beaches. They differ from Senigallia’s satiny sand but are more dramatic. The Conero Coast boasts pebbled beaches with crystal clear waters, and home to the best mussels in the world. So, of course, lunch at the beach. Afterwards, we go to the villa to wash the beach away and relax. This evening we will dine at a beautiful restaurant in the country housed in an historic building.

Day 6
Hidden Village
Fonte Avellana Monastery

Today we will take you to the intriguing Fonte Avellana Monastery with its beautiful scriptorium. A working monastery, we can tour the grounds and buildings to learn the activities of the property. After a stop in the lovely, precocious Pergola, a village hidden to the common tourist but unbelievably rich in history, and art, it’s time for lunch in Frontone with the mountains as our backdrop. After a relaxing stop back at villa to freshen up we head to Senigallia downtown for a stroll, where you can visit the Rocca or simply do some shopping, followed by a lively dinner at the restaurant where the local Michelin starred chefs eat.

Day 7
Matelica & Farewell Beach Dinner

Today after a relaxed breakfast at the villa we will travel into the dramatic countryside to delight you with cheese and olive oil. Then on to Matelica, the best kept secret of the famous Verdicchio wine of Le Marche. We will stop at several vineyards and lunch will be at one of the wineries after a tour of the vineyards and facilities. We return to the Villa and we highly recommend getting the packing out of the way, then reward yourself with a swim or nap. For dinner, feel free to spruce yourselves up in your best Italian style because tonight we do it right with an exclusive farewell meal at the beach!

Day 8
Safe Travels

It’s a bittersweet goodbye as we take you to catch your return flight home. Arrivederci! Don't worry Le Marche eagerly awaits your return.

This is a sample and we can customize any itinerary. Look under “Outings We Offer,” to see all the activities available as alternatives.

“Premium Perks,” are activities that you can add to your itinerary for a fee.
Have a request not listed? Please ask, and if possible, we will work to accommodate.

We are excellent planners, seeing to every detail, but we cannot control the weather. In the case of inclement weather, we always have a backup sorite up our sleeve.

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Outings We Offer

These destinations are offered as alternatives to the itinerary.  


Osimo is a picturesque hilltop village, with views of the countryside and the Apennines, in the distance, sun setting behind them.

Then you enter underground Osimo.

Built on a sandstone hill; tunnels were first excavated by a pre-roman tribe, the Picentes. Then they were expanded throughout history. There are over 9km of tunnels, a subterranean labyrinth on different levels. Very different from the village above.

Frasassi Caves

Discovered in 1971, the Grotte di Frasassi is one of the largest known cave systems in Europe and has an impressive array of formations spread along 1500 meters of caverns. The paths are perfectly maintained and lit for safety, with all necessary guardrails and steps.

After the caves, if your party is up for a little exercise to get that heart rate up, we can hike the 700 meters up to the Temple of Valadier. The Temple isn’t a must, but it is very spectacular and unique.

Lu Vurghe

Near Acquasanta Terme, a village on the famed Via Salaria (Salt Road) of the Romans is a great place to explore history, art, architecture, and food, but it is also home to Lu Vurghe, an ancient Roman thermal bath that we can visit. Dip in the hot, healing waters, then into the cool Tronto river. You will be refreshed and rejuvenated.

Marmitte dei Giganti

A sculpted river canyon isn’t what you might expect to find in central Italy, but this beautiful geological phenomenon exists in Le Marche.
Located near Fossombrone, the Marmitte dei Giganti has tall rock walls, molded by millennia of water action from the Metauro River that created an undulating gorge. The transparent river cuts through the rocks, making a unique, gorgeous landscape.
We can arrange for you to kayak here No white water, and safe for beginners, it’s

San Bartolo

San Bartolo national park has nice trails that aren’t too demanding but with spectacular views. In addition, there are some hidden wineries to visit. Want to hike, maybe have a gourmet picnic with local vino?

Let’s go!

Booking Options Available

The price is for an all inclusive trip to Le Marche, Italy. The price listed does not include required travel insurance nor flights. For more information on what is included and not included see our terms and conditions.


Per Person Double Occupancy
$ 3600


+ 750

Premium Outings

All premium outings are available at an additional fee

Pedossa Massage

Would you like to arrange a massage at the property?

The gazebo easily converts into our own private massage space and we can arrange for a certified massage therapist to visit and unravel those knots.


Do you enjoy horse back riding?

We can arrange a scenic ride with our local partners.

Dinner on the boat
Dinner At Sea

Would you like to upgrade an evening’s dinner to a meal at sea?

We can arrange a beautiful boat tour of the Conero Coast on the Adriatic with lunch or dinner.

San Marino

San Marino is a mountainous microstate surrounded by north-central Italy. That’s right, another country entirely!

Laying claim to the title, World’s Oldest Republic, it retains much of its historic architecture. On the slopes of Monte Titano sits the capital, also called San Marino, with a medieval walled old town and narrow cobblestone streets. The Three Towers, castlelike citadels dating to the 11th century, sit atop Titano’s neighboring peaks.

This full day excursion touches on history, food and beverage, culture, and shopping.

A visit here gets you two countries for one!

Perched atop of the Monte Titano lies three castle fortresses that guard the ancient city of San Marino. The oldest and most famous of these towers is the Fortress of Guaita.

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