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About Us

Turas : Scottish Gaelic

          *tour, journey through given list of places, guided visit

Turas is not a travel agency. We are an experience generator, travel assistant, and consultant. We believe that travel is more than seeking out the most popular tourist attractions, is about the personalized memories of the traveler.

Turas creates custom itineraries to suit each traveler’s needs. We specialize in helping our clients connect with the culture and people of their destinations.

Whatever the range of your interests: art, food, outdoors, history, culture, we can tailor your trip to suit.

Turas owner, Brook Ray, has traveled all over the planet. She is a sommelier, an accomplished cook, and has been successful in hospitality for 20 years. She applies her love of unique, fulfilling travel experiences to every Turas trip.

How does it work?

Packages start at $25 for the initial consultation.

There are 4 levels of service:

  1. Informational only. We do the research for your trip and give you an outline with contact information and prices. You then book the trip yourself.
  2. Hybrid. We book up to 3 major parts of your trip, for example: airfare, car rental, and accommodation, and then give you our research outline for you to book the rest. Your packet will include all reservation details and confirmation numbers.
  3. Full planning. We take care of booking every part of your trip and give you a day by day itinerary outlining activities, driving/travel instructions, eating suggestions and more. Your packet will include reservations details, confirmation numbers, as well as additional information required for your trip such as maps, tickets, and quick language tips.
  4. Custom guided trip. A Turas trip consultant travels with you and your group, guiding you through every part of the trip. Including: ground transportation, sight seeing, cooking classes, winery tours and more.

All trips include:

Your personalized packet with our tips and tricks for travel such as how to make your flight most enjoyable, driving suggestions, cultural information, money exchange instructions, public transport information, cell service tips, what to wear, and sometimes, even where to park.

We would love to hear from you. Use our Contact Us page to ask any questions.

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